Most of these "slugs" are actually snails that have lost their shells and gained new characteristics through evolution. For example, sacoglossans are sometimes called "solar-powered sea slugs" bec
ause they use chloroplasts from the algae they eat in their own tissue.

Blue Angel (Glaucus Atlanticus) Blue Angel (Glaucus Atlanticus)

Phyllodesmium Poindimiei

Janolus Fuscus

Cadlinella Ornatissima

Dirona Albolineata

Hypselodoris Kanga

Sea Bunny (Acanthodoris Pilosa)

Cyerce Nigricans

Leaf Slug (Elysia Chlorotica)

Lettuce Sea Slug (Elysia Crispata)

Flabellina Iodinea

Chromodoris Alius

Janolus Barbarensis

Hypselodoris Apolegma

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