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Surprise People and God will Surprise You !!!

By Junaid Tahir My friend is living a very peaceful and happy life.  He shares small incidents from his routine life asking me t...

My friend is living a very peaceful and happy life. He shares small incidents from his routine life asking me to publish on my blog to create ripples of happiness in society. Here are some of the small incidents he shared:    
  1. I was praying and next to me was a poor man, praying too. (I judged his finances due to his clothes' condition). ​After he finished his prayer, I handover over 100AED ($30) note to him humbly. Wow !!! I felt an immediate spark in his eyes though this is what he was asking God for, a while ago. Experiencing that moment was a fantastic feelings I had had.
  2. The petrol bill was 90AED so I handed over 100AED to the service boy and humbly told him to keep 10AED change. Next to that boy I noticed another gentleman selling mobile pre-paid cards so I handover another 10AED. He wasn't expecting this tip as he didn't serve me so his eyes were blushed with this unexpected money. It was another priceless moment for me.
  3. "That will be 15AED, Sir", the barber said. I handed over 30 AED (double the amount of his expectation). He gave me a gratuitous smile and prayed for my blessed life.
  4. Every 2-3 weeks I purchase pre-paid mobile calling cards and give to the watchman of my building. This helps him calling his family back in his home country enabling ​him getting connected to his loved ones more frequently as international calls are usually heavier on their pockets.

My friend tells me that he always try to find ​small and easy ​ways to surprise someone (his car cleaner, a stranger on the road, barber, the peon, the washroom cleaner at office, the tea boy, his relatives, spouse and so on...).

He mentions that such small acts of kindness do not cause any major burden on his pocket however​ cause major positive impact in his life. God keeps him away from unexpected challenges such as serious health issues, traffic accidents, bad relationship with spouse, political office circumstances, sudden loss of money and mental stress.
​He feels that his problems are getting sorted out automatically.​ He tells that the more he helps others, the more help and blessings he gets from God.

As per him, he has attained unmatched peace of mind and relaxed life index since he started surprising people.

He recommend me to start the day with the intention that I will make someone happy today, I will resolve someone's problem today, I will put a smile on someone's face and so on.... and all your actions will be paid back to you by God in another way. He insists,

When we start serving humanity, God starts serving us --- in many ways!
Surprise People and God Will Surprise You !!!