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Life Tips for Travel and Family Matters

Airline Regulation for Injured Travelers Airline have a medical regulation of minimum 48 hour waiting for ankle strain/fracture cases an...

Airline Regulation for Injured Travelers

Airline have a medical regulation of minimum 48 hour waiting for ankle strain/fracture cases and it's recommended to have Okay to Travel certificate from the Doctor. In our case, my 12 year old son was denied boarding the aeroplane his ankle injury was 14 hours old. After I informed the Dr., he should have advised and communicated more elaboratedly to get Okay to Travel certificate. This point is for all traveller's with similar situations.

Communication during On-Boarding 

During boarding process, when airline staff asks questions if its a muscle pull or joint or major or hairline fracture then answers should be provided after a pause, honestly and with careful selection of words which are both technically and politically correct !!!

Travel strategy during peak Season 

Make travel decisions far ahead so that airline fairs are reasonable and choice between airline companies is available. In our case, we should have got air tickets 2+ months in advance but we did one month in advance. Additionally, choose an airline with a better operations and customer handling even if it is expensive. This is a hard lesson learnt for us. Additionally, always keep some reserve money to manage unforeseen expenses plus extra leaves to allow for delays in reaching back to the destination. I did both of them and managing well with the blessing of God.

Family Travel Decision

For Families living abroad, travel decision should be made at least every year or once every two years solely based on the need that paternal and maternal grand parents desire to physically see their kids and kids of their kids. Also brothers, sisters and their kids get together is a happy family activity. All this is especially desirable on religious and social festivities.

Family Safety

Generally during vacations and specially 48 hours before the time of flight, family members especially young energetic ones must be making cateful and safe movements. Sudden running, forceful movements must be avoided as those could cause injuries and disrupt travel plans, this is what happened to us.

MIND Coherence

MIND coherence among the members of the families is an absolute must. The desires, wishes and wants for all traveling together must be pointing to one common direction, the destination.

Post Incident Communication

Once reached the airport or coming out of the airport, travellers must enable local mobile sim with cellular mobile data. This to be able to inform about the status if it is All Okay or there are challenges. For the 1+ week travel, I thought to depend on airport or home wifi and having a receive only local sim, that was not a correct approach. Additionally, inform your parents, brothers and sisters. The loved ones become very worried if there is gap in communication. Try to contact them as soon as possible after you recover from the challenging situation at the airport. Younger kids should not be messaging each other on WhatsApp/Messenger on such situations as they are not having the full awareness of the seriousness of the situation. Plus inconsistent anwers to the same questions create confusion and affects relationships. Once realized, I got local sim enabled for outgoing calls and charged mobile data. I personally called to my Mother, informed full status and also to my sisters. My wife did the same.

Discussion on Difficult Subjects

Having engaged in difficult subjects such as inheritance with family elders sometimes creates turbulent emotional waves. This could disrupt continuity of life plans. The only remedy is honest trust based discussion on concerns with focus on resolving them with mutual agreement and understanding. The message going out should be that the love of money and property have not entered the heart. Take care of old parents is a combined responsibility of all children living local and abroad, religion wise and humanity wise. Old parents responsibility is to translate the Quranic advice on inheritance into legal documents as per the local law practices. This ensures legally all things clear between the inheritance beneficiaries once the time arrives.